Byways of Iowa Public Art Initiative

Byways of Iowa Public Art Initiative

Public art will be developed and constructed across Iowa to build arts engagement in communities along Scenic Byways.

The Byways of Iowa Foundation and the Northeast Iowa RC&D are working with partners across the state to develop the first 15 large public art pieces in Iowa Scenic Byway communities. Communities that are currently participating and their local project contacts are below:

Design concepts will be imagined and developed by local community leaders, residents, and youth. These beautiful, one of a kind art pieces will enhance our communities, encourage travelers to slow down and spend time in our historic downtowns, improve the social and economic vitality of Iowa communities, and foster economic development. They will also encourage visitors from around the world to travel throughout Iowa to enjoy unique art and spend time and money along Iowa’s Scenic Byways.

75% of travelers planning a trip to Iowa are interested in Scenic Byways and they spend more time and more money than any other traveler. Scenic Byway travelers also enjoy driving to multiple byways and looking for opportunities to slow down and enjoy authentic local art, historic sites, and culture. To maximize this opportunity, the Byways of Iowa Foundation is soliciting sponsors for the art pieces to help cover artist fees and art fabrication.

We invite you to join us in this effort.

Each of the commissioned art pieces will cost $10,000-$20,000. Local artists will be selected to create these original works of art to enhance Iowa communities and encourage visitors to spend more time throughout the state.

$10,000 will secure your name or the name of your business on a permanent name plate near the art piece in any of the aforementioned communities. If you are interested in funding an art piece in a community not mentioned above, you can contact Mallory Hanson at 563-864-7112 or

Any donation amount of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, etc. will be recognized and promoted through other communication avenues, including the Byways of Iowa Foundation website.

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