Maquoketa Public Art Project


Artist: Daniel Caven

Location: 129-141 S Main Street, Maquoketa, IA

Project Completed: 2018

The concept of ‘Gables’ is based on our small town’s residents; as it is composed of many different personalities from many different backgrounds and households. As diverse as each individual is, every resident resides under the same roof of community.

Maquoketa’s nickname, the “Timber City”, inspired the material palette for this piece. Looking to vernacular wood frame construction as the primary system, the project takes on a role of advancement to the centuries old technique. Conceptually, a singular gable creates an iconic symbol of home and when integrated with others gables it creates a three dimensional shelter. Adding more gabled systems creates a dynamic ever changing object for the downtown space.

‘Gables’ creates a visually appealing space that encourages interaction and a place of gathering, and creates a symbol and icon of community that acknowledges the people of Maquoketa.”