About Us

The Byways of Iowa Foundation has 5 current priorities they are working to implement:

  1. Protect and enhance the resources inherent to each of Iowa’s byways
    • Endorse programs and/or projects that preserve scenic, natural, cultural and historic resources
    • Expand native roadside vegetation and beautification efforts
  2. Increase byway-related tourism and economic development revenue in Iowa
    • Support development of outreach marketing materials
    • Expand out-of-state advertising strategies
    • Conduct or support required research
  3. Provide authentic experiences for byway travelers
  4. Develop and improve traveler infrastructure
    • Develop a unified and cohesive wayfinding system to help byway visitors navigate to and from attractions
    • Expand multi-modal transportation options along each byway
    • Provide grant funding for scenic overlooks and pullouts for safe viewing of Iowa’s scenic resources
  5. Educate partners and research opportunities
    • Implement programs that meet the training and education needs of businesses and communities
    • Complete research that improves service and quality of experience